About Us

We are a uniquely structured, analytics-first, full-service media company offering marketing solutions for clients of all sizes.

Here at Jokic Media Group, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch service and outstanding talent as a one-stop-shop for all of your company's digital needs.

Dario Jokic

Creative Director and co-founder of Jokic Media Group.

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.”

With over 12 years of experience specializing in digital marketing solutions, graphic design, business development and more- Dario is known for his award-winning designs for businesses of all sizes around the world.


  • 2020 Designer Of The Year Nominee
  • 2019 Graphic Design Of The Year Award Winner
  • 2019 Designer Of The Year Nominee
  • 2018 Top 20 Up And Coming Designers Under 30 Mention

Here’s answers to our most common questions

Can digital media marketing really help my business?

Most definitely! It’s been proven again and again by business after business. In fact, not utilizing digital media marketing can actually harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is simply expected of any reputable firm these days.

Are your full-time clients locked into a contract?

No. We don’t believe that’s a good way to build a relationship. Our contract is for a monthly retainer and requires the client provide us 30 days notice prior to canceling our contract — that’s it.

How quickly will I see results?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The speed at which you see results will be based on:

1. Your current status — How well does your company rank now? What is your site’s current conversion rate?
2. Your competition — How aggressive is your competition — are they already dominating the search engine rankings and you want to catch up? Or are you the front-runner?
3. Your budget — This determines the amount of work we can do together each month. If you have aggressive growth goals and heavy competition, you should take that into consideration when you choose your digital marketing budget.

That said, we generally see results around the six-month mark, while it’s a safe bet to count on a full 12 months to really build a comprehensive digital marketing program that’s firing on all cylinders.

Who will I be working with?

You’ll be working with a whole team of talented professionals. Your main point of contact will be your dedicated marketing consultant. Your consultant will be in constant communication with you, generally on weekly status update calls, and of course via email. You will have a dedicated team committed to your business.

Your team will consist of:

Senior consultant
SEO expert
Content strategist
Graphic designer
Web developer
Social media specialist
Photographer & Videographer

The Beauty of hiring JMG is having an entire agency of experts working on your account in their respective disciplines.

Pricing — How Much Does It Cost?

A typical full-time client works with JMG on a monthly basis and invests between $5,000 and $25,000 per month into their digital marketing program. This includes ad spend. The investment level determines how many hours per month are available to execute your custom plan. Your investment depends on your specific business/lead goals and how fast you need to get to them.

Why should I hire a digital marketing agency vs. doing it in-house?

Although you can certainly attempt digital marketing yourself, you’ll soon find that having a team of experts to be invaluable. The algorithms that determine the success of digital marketing, business rankings, social media exposure, and other digital marketing metrics are constantly evolving. Having a team whose full-time job it is to keep track of these changes will give your company an edge over the competition. And did we forget to mention? Cost. Hiring a digital marketing agency is like having an entire team of experts working on your account in their respective disciplines for 1/10th of the cost it would be to hire in house.

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Reviews from real clients

Johnathon Baker
General Manager, Jullian Serrano

“I have managed many restaurants over the years and have worked with countless marketing companies. None compare to the quality & scope of work that Dario and his team create. We will never use another media company outside of Jokic Media again.”

Casey Ryan
Owner, WBAH

"Jokic Media Group was amazing to work with! Before finding Dario, I was working with other companies on projects but could never get myself to actually like the designs that they brought to me. I shared my vision with Dario and he gave me exactly what I wanted! I finally got the content I was envisioning and now I get to share it with everyone.  I highly Recommend using Jokic Media Group."

Mario Enriquez
Owner, Garagiste

"Dario and Jokic Media created one of the most modern custom fonts and logo for our business in the industry today. The combination of artistry, connectedness, professionalism and the ability to co-visualize ideas have placed Dario and his team firmly at the top of their game. We will be utilizing the services of Jokic Media Group for all of our design services, web services and digital media marketing for years to come! Kudos JMG!"

Justin Hawkins
Coach, Univ Of Pacific

"JMG has been nothing but professional in every aspect every time I used their business. Dario sets new cutting edge standards in app and website design. The designs JMG has created for us have stood out amongst many industry leaders. Every project has exceeded expectations. JMG should be the go to for all your design needs."

Galina Krol
Manager, Krol Finance

"My JMG experience was exceptional! Dario and his team did exactly what I wanted with my corporate event. I gave them all of the specifics and they created pieces that were better than any other company I've used before. They were creative, yet still respected my wants. Dario was quick and communicated with me every step of the way, which is a huge plus. Will be using JMG for all my projects moving forward! Highly recommend."

Ricky Masucci
Owner, SCSC

"From start to finish my experience with JMG was flawless. They helped me create a brand from a logo to business cards to a website in unbelievable turnaround time. I wouldn't trust anyone else but JMG with all future business endeavors and advertising needs. From Social media marketing to all design needs.. the price, service and quality is unmatched! Proud to be a JMG client for life!"